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Dr. Peter Clark
Your Concord Chiropractor

  • "No Migraines, More Energy!
    When I was in grade school I was in several car accidents and had chronic headaches with mid to lower back pain.
    I had seen several doctors who prescribed pain meds. I was getting severe migraines several times a month. They would cause me to feel nauseous and leave me with little to no energy.
    I’ve been seeing Dr. Clark for about a month. Since getting adjusted, I feel better, have been able to exercise, have less pain and more energy.
    I recommend chiropractic care at American Family."
    Tyler G.
  • "Back Pain Gone!
    My back started hurting about a year ago, when I fell and injured my back. Since seeing Dr. Clark, the pain has gone from an 8 to a 2 (on a scale of 1-10).
    I had seen 4 doctors who prescribed medications that made me sleepy and tired. The pain only got worse.
    I gained weight because I wasn’t able to move around and get exercise due to pain.
    This is my 4th visit and I am pain-free. I can’t believe how much better I feel and in such short time!
    I have already told many of my friends and family about my success, since seeing Dr. Clark."
    Linda O
  • "Hip and Low Back Pain Gone! Living Life Again!
    I was having low back and hip pain to the point that it was very difficult to get out of a chair or walk or even stand for very long. I had always been very active and the pain was limiting what I could do including interfering with being able to sleep.
    I went to a sports medicine MD, an orthopedic MD and my family doctor. I had Cortisone shots and meds, including prescription pain medications.
    Since coming to Dr. Clark, the majority of the pain is gone. I am not needing prescription pain meds or cortisone shots. I have a lot more flexibility in my joints.
    I recommend American Family Spine ane Health because it changed my life! From living with with constant pain to enjoying life. I really don't think I would be able to live the great lifestyle I am living if I had not started chiropractic treatments with Dr. Clark."
    Barbara H
  • "2 Ruptured Discs NO SURGERY!
    In 2005 I was told that I have 2 ruptured discs. Medical doctors could only prescribe pain relievers and muscle relaxers. I had sever pain in my right arm and lower back. I went to 2 different neurosurgeons, had 2 MRIs, had several injections in my back which didn’t help, only cost a lot of money. I didn’t want to have back surgery for numerous reasons. I was uncomfortable most everyday. I sometimes used ice at work on my shoulder just to get through the day. I began seeing Dr. Clark at American Family Spine and Health in April of 2009. With his exercises and natural adjustments, I can do almost any activity I want to do now. If I do have pain now, adjustments and stretching really help. Dr. Clark made me a believer after just 2 visits. I do daily exercises that he gave me and I continue to see Dr. Clark once every 2 weeks - I wouldn’t miss it! I owe so much to Dr. Clark and his staff."
    E Boger.
    I have been a patient at American Spine and Health for several months now. My initial visit was guided by pain in my kneck and tension in my shoulders. After my first chiropractic adjustment, I felt immediate relief. My kneck pain subsided more and more per visit, until one day it was completely gone! What continues to amaze me is the drastic change in my sleeping. I'd suffered from restless nights for over a year until starting my treatment with Dr. Clark. Now I sleep like a new born baby!I truly beleive that ongoing chiropractic care contributes to holistic health. Thank you Dr. Clark and team!!"
    Carlo B.
    I had been experiencing headaches daily for several months. After taking X-rays and doing a physical examination, Dr. Clark determined that I had stage four degenerative disc disease, along with some bone spurs and arthritis in my neck.
    I began coming to Dr. Clarks office three times a week for the first few weeks. Five years later, I come once every two weeks and have been pain free for the last four years and 10 months! Now my whole family sees Dr. Clark as well.
    We feel cared for and healthy. The staff is always warm and friendly. Dr. Clark is one of a kind. He's very caring, he's fun and he does an excellent job of keeping my family well!"
    Nancy N.
    I have had back pain since I had scoliosis surgery at 19. Hips would burn, pain in back, neck and legs. I also had stiffness everyday. I also had shoulder pain that was excruciating. I tried pain management with another chiropractor, primary care physician, orthopedic surgeon, some exercises, multiple medications including, cymbalta, ibuprofen, advil, flexeril. I was very active before surgery at 19. I can’t do most sports without injury to my back. Even household work hurt my back. After my second adjustment by Dr. Clark, I was able to walk better without pain, turn my neck without pain, and no shoulder pain! I would definitely recommend chiropractic care at American Family Spine and Health. I feel I have my life back! More flexibility even with Harrington rods in my back."
    Deann N.
    I starting having horrible neck pain about 1 year ago. The neck pain would come and go, which kept me from swimming actively on a swim team. I had never seen any doctors concerning my pain, I had learned just to deal with the pain. In September 2006 I made a huge decision in my life to start chiropractic care with American Family Spine and Health, LLC. I started seeing Dr. Clark on a regular basis, I now feel more entergetic and my horrible neck pain has stopped. Thank you Dr. Clark and staff!! Everyone in the office is great, they definately care about their patients and what the do."
    Amanda S.
    I have had lifelong headaches and backaches. I have also had pain in my right leg, knee and foot. And the arthritis was worsening in my hands and feet. It was at the point where 2/3rds of each week I was having headaches and the pain in my legs was making it difficult to bend my knees and get up and down.
    I saw a doctor for arthritis and tried medication which did not help.
    Now that I am under chiropractic care at American Family Spine and Health, I can do more and rarely have headaches. Regular chiropractic adjustments relieve discomfort and pain which keeps me more mobile."
    Yvette B.
    I started to have headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and muscle tightness about 9 years ago.
    I tried different OTC NSAIDs with some relief, but the pain kept coming back. I did not like taking muscle relaxers because they made me drowsy.
    Since I started seeing Dr. Clark about 2 months ago, I have not had headaches. The pain in my neck and back is getting better, I feel relaxed in my back and my posture is better.
    As a physician, I learned a lot about chiropractic care from Dr. Clark. I truly feel that as complicated and sophisticated as the human body is, different approaches like traditional medical care, chiropractic, as well as life style changes (i.e. regular exercise, diet....), should all be considered and applied to keep us healthy. Dr. Clark has an outstanding practice. He and his staff truly care about their patients. They are organized and dedicated to help make a difference in their patients’ lives."
    Quing S. MD
    Nick has had breathing issues since he was 3 mos. old and hospitalized with RSV. Since then any small cold caused weeks of illness. In the last 2 years it has progressed to full asthma attacks when playing sports and doesn’t respond to medical treatment.
    We've seen a pediatrician, allergist and 2 pulmonologists. He has been treated with oral steroids, 3 types of inhaled asthma treatments, monthly allergy injections and pills, plus countless antibiotic treatments for infections.
    Nick had to take up to 6 medications a day, some which made him very emotional, hyper and caused trouble focusing in school. The asthma also interfered with Nick not being able to play sports.
    Nick has only been seeing Dr. Clark for about 6 weeks, but he has been the healthiest he has been in 2 yrs. We've been able to decrease his meds. He also has begun playing soccer again!
    We've seen steady improvements in his health in a short amount of time with no harmful drugs or pain at all."
    Nicholas C.


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