Pre and Post Natal Services


"For the past 5 years I have dealt with an irregular menstrual cycle. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half. We stared seeing a fertility specialist and I went through several rounds of clomid that did not work. Emotionally, the constant anxiety was taking it's toll. I starred coming to American Family Spine and Health only 2 1/2 months ago and just found out that am pregnant!!! I would recommend American Family's chiropractic care to others. And not as a last resort, but a means of improving your health and your life. When those are in order, everything else starts to fall into place." -Jennifer W.

Typically we find a subluxation in the lower spine of our infertility patients. This subluxation inhibits nerve flow to the reproductive organs. When we remove the subluxation through a specific spinal adjustment, the organs are able to function optimally. We are fortunate to have seen many great successes.

Webster Breech Turning Technique

"I love coming here! I started almost a year ago and continued all the way through my pregnancy. My baby ended up being breech and Dr. Will did the Webster technique to help get her vertex. Safe to say it worked! Now myself and my baby girl come to the office. <3" -Michelle S.

Webster Breech Turning Technique is a non invasive, non painful technique created by Dr. Larry Webster to "turn" the baby in utero from breech position to the correct position for the birthing process. Dr. Clark was trained in this technique by Dr. Webster himself and has been successfully using it for over the past 20 years. In fact, Dr. Clark's first  breech turning attempt was of his son 21 years ago, and it was successful :)

More recently, Dr. Wilcoxson has been trained in this technique. We are happy to say that in every case the breech position has been corrected and all our moms and babies are doing great!


Torticollis is a condition where the head is being rotated and tilted due to the spasms of muscles on one side of the neck. This condition is often found in newborns and can become problematic if left untreated. Muscles are controlled by nerves. Our chiropractors at American Family Spine and Health gently adjust and correct the nerve imbalance allowing the muscles to relax. Therefore relieving the muscle spasms and allowing the head to go to it's normal position.


"I have two-month old boy who was crying constantly as if he were in pain. It made going out of the house nearly impossible for him and myself. I knew the medical route would involve either drugs or surgery, so I called Dr. Clark for advice on what to do. Dr. Clark told me bring my son into the office to be examined. Dr. Clark found two areas of subluxation and recommended chiropractic care. After two weeks of care, I cannot believe that this is the same baby that I brought into the office. The continuous crying is now a thing of the past. I would recommend chiropractic care to all parents who wish the best natural health care for their children." -Cody C.

Colic is generally related to a digestive system disorder in infants. This effects the entire family as no one can get any rest to remain in a happy lifestyle. We gently adjust the vertebrae and relieve irritation to the nerves that feed the digestive system. Thus allowing the digestive system to heal and develop normally. Parents are relieved to find out just how little pressure is required to adjust an infant. And even better than that, is when the parents return beaming from a good nights sleep.

Ear Infections

"My son had 9 ear infections by the age of 18 months taking an antibiotic every other month. Once I started taking him for adjustments with Dr. Clark for approx. a month his ear infections were gone and have stayed gone. What a relief :-) Dr Clark sees a lot of children, even newborns. I would promote a spine check for all newborns to prevent going through what my son did unnecessarily." -Lani J.

Ear aches often result from fluid not draining from the eustachian tubes and becoming infected. In infants the tubes are more horizontal than they are in an adults. The Atlas (first vertebrae) can be subluxated, effecting nerves that allow for the tubes to drain properly. A gentle adjustment to the Altas allows the eustachian tubes to function and drain properly, therefore healing and avoiding furture infections.

Infant Reflux

"From birth, my son Ben had been very fussy and spitting up most f his milk at nearly every feeding. We brought him to his pediatrician who recommended Zantac or another acid reducer. Ben has been receiving chiropractic care for about 5 weeks now. We saw an immediate change in his fussiness and he is able to hold most of his milk now. We discontinued the Zantac the same week we started chiropractic care. I would recommend chiropractic care for all newborns. Ben's body is working properly now. He is a happy, healthy baby boy. He is no longer suffering." -Sarah B.

Infant reflux is when a baby isn't able to hold down and process their food. This can result in failure to gain weight and a fussy baby. We gently adjust the vertebrae and relieve irritation to the nerves that feed the digestive system. Thus allowing the digestive system to heal and develop normally. Parents are relieved to find out just how little pressure is required to adjust an infant.

Help with Pregnancy Pain

"I was having low back pain due to being pregnant. It was painful to walk. My OB/GYN told me to take Tylenol and that there was nothing I could do for it.
After only a month of being adjusted by Dr. Clark, I am 100% able to walk, swim and hike without pain!
I would recommend seeing Dr. Clark at American Family Spine and Health especially if you are experiencing pain with pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a joyous time, it shouldn't be hindered by back pain!" -Brittany M.

In general all ligaments loosen during pregnancy causing vertebrae to shift abnormally. Gently and specifically adjusting the spine keeps the spine in an optimal position to compensate for the weight of the baby and the more relaxed ligaments.


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