Coconut Oil. YES, it really is THAT GOOD!

Coconut Oil.
YES, it really is THAT GOOD!

The Good and Bad of Cholesterol
Saturated fat has long been erroneously believed to be harmful, we now know this to be false. Cholesterol is something that our body actually needs. However there are different kinds of cholesterols… “good cholesterol”, HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and “bad cholesterol” LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). Researchers now know that saturated fats RAISE the HDL (good cholesterol). Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat which may actually REDUCE your chance of heart disease.

Help for Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy Patients?
Coconut oil’s saturated fats are metabolized differently than the saturated fats you would find in animal products (red meat, dairy). Coconut oil contains triglycerides that go straight to the liver from the digestive tract. They are then used as a quick source energy or turned into ketones. These ketones can have therapeutic effects on brain disorders like Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.
It appears that the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient has a reduced ability to use glucose for energy. Research is early, but there is evidence suggesting that the ketones found in coconut oil can provide an alternative energy source for these malfunctioning cells helping to relieve symptoms.

Increased Energy. Fat Burning. Hunger Curbing.
A calorie is NOT a calorie. Coconut oil contains “medium-chain triglycerides” which essentially means that it gives more energy per calorie. The fatty acids and ketone bodies of coconut oil can have an appetite reducing effect. And it appears that coconut oil is especially effective in reducing abdominal fat and fat around organs.

Lauric Acid Found in Coconut Oil Can Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi
The fatty acids and products created when digesting coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens. Ingesting Coconut oil potentially helps to prevent infections, killing harmful bacterias, viruses and fungi including Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans (common source of yeast infections).

Bonus: Coconut Oil Protects From Sun Damage.
Topically used, coconut oil blocks out about 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Ways To Get Your Coconut Oil:

  • Cooking Oil - Some oils break down under high heat and become unsafe, coconut oil is a great alternative because it can be used with high temperatures.
  • Coconut Oil Instead of Butter - Substitute anywhere you would use butter (on toast, top popcorn, get creative).
  • By the Spoonful - Coconut Oil tastes great if you don’t mind the texture.
  • Smoothies - Add one tablespoon of coconut oil into your favorite smoothie recipe.
  • Replace Vegetable Oil for Baking - Great for brownies and cakes, anywhere you would use vegetable oil.
  • Pan Frying - Chicken, eggs, popcorn, grilled cheese, think of the possibilities...
  • Coconut Oil Coffee or Tea - Add a spoonful to your coffee or tea. A delicious way to start your day with a huge energy boost!

Skin and Beauty:

  • Shaving Lotion - Because coconut oil moisturizes this is a great shaving lotion.
  • Facial Scrub - Combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night.
  • Body Scrub - Combine coconut oil and sugar for a great smelling, healthy body scrub.
  • Makeup Remover - Healthier, stronger and longer eye lashes are just a bonus!
  • Lip Balm - Apply as you would lip balm or vaseline.
  • Diaper Rash Cream - Apply regularly to the baby's bottom.
  • Stretch Mark Preventer During Pregnancy - Due to coconut oils great moisturizing qualities this can be an effective stretch mark preventer when applied morning and night during pregnancy.
  • Nipple Cream During Breastfeeding - Coconut oil is a great choice because it is naturally safe.
  • Massage Oil - Coconut oil is great choice for a massage oil.
  • Face and Body Moisturizer - Apply directly after showering or anytime.
  • Fade Age Spots - Rub on hands or other areas daily.
  • Sunburn Care - A great moisturizer to use after sun.
  • Leave-in Overnight Conditioner - Rub a small amount of oil into hair (mostly at ends), comb through and put hair in a loose bun before bed, and wash out in the morning.
  • Wound Care - Shields small cuts with a thin chemical layer keeping out contaminants and keeping wound moisturized so it doesn’t dry out.


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